Business Travel Blog

Business Travel Blog

Airline Quality Rating in 2019

The 2019 Airline Quality Rating has determined that Delta Airlines ranks highest among major American airlines, followed by JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. The ranking is based on data collected on mistreated luggage, punctuality...

3D Scanners Coming to American Airports

The Transportation Security Administration will roll out 300 new 3D scanning machines to airports across the United States starting in the summer of 2019. The new technology will permit flyers to keep liquids, laptop computers, and more within...

LAX: Great Food Options

LAX is, now, a spot for delicious food. Los Angeles landmarks like Cole’s, Trejo’s Tacos, and Cassell’s Hamburgers can be found in the fourth busiest airport in the world. Harriet Baskas, from Afar, discusses the best restaurants...

American Airlines' New Year's Resolutions

American Airlines, the biggest airline in the world, has unveiled its aspirations in the new year. Titled, “One Team, One Plan 2019,” an infographic details the components of three main objectives: (1) make culture a competitive...

The Government Shutdown & Travel

The United States federal government has been partially shut down for 31 days, making it the longest shutdown of its kind in American history. Its immediate effects are well-known, but the shutdown also influences spheres outside of the federal...

2019: United Premium Plus

Flyers of United Airlines are now able to purchase Premium Plus seating on select routes beginning on March 30, 2019. The new class will have larger seats for travelers, as compared to Economy Plus, by approximately two inches. ...


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