Business Travel Blog

Business Travel Blog

Expo 2020: Dubai

With four major international airports and 180,000 hotel rooms, the United Arab Emirates is well-equipped to host what is a historic world expo in Dubai, the largest city in the country. From Oct. 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021, Expo 2020 succeeds...

TravelStore Receives Award in Excellence

TravelStore was awarded Travel Management Company of the Year for 2020 in California by Acquisition International Magazine. The award was announced to TravelStore during the week of Dec. 8, 2019, and presented as part of the 2020 Global Excellence...

Overhead Bins on United Airlines

Airlines have been looking to improve the passenger experience by tackling luggage storage. For instance, JetBlue is charging passengers $5 if they would like to check their carry-on bag. Delta has a $59 yearly charge to guarantee a passenger...

How Travel Affects Retention and Turnover

A Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) report, Leveraging Data to Improve Traveler Experience, which was conducted alongside the Airlines Reporting Corporation, details the importance of travel as it influences employee retention and turnover...

You Get What You Pay For

Via a survey completed by 587 bosses in the business world, Harvard Business Review reported that “a seamless and adequately funded travel program, when aligned with a company’s strategy, can be a source of competitive advantage today....

Looking Forward to the Future of Fuel

In 2018, about 90 billion gallons of jet fuel were used; about four percent of that was SAF. What is SAF? It is aviation biofuel that is deemed sustainable by a trustworthy third-party organization, and it matters because it is a means of reaching...

A Summary on Padding

Airplane technology is getting better, but flight lengths have gotten longer. Schedule padding, otherwise known as padding, gives airlines additional time to complete a journey in an effort to keep flights punctual despite potential delays. ...


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Let me start by saying: what a difference Great customer service makes! I worked for both Delta and United airlines. I have been well trained in great customer service. Recently, Jordan and Tracey genuinely exhibited Great Customer Service that went above and beyond. On behalf of my Director and myself, kudos to your employees for all they did to help! It was greatly appreciated and deserves recognition.

Kimberly B., San Diego, CA