Business Traveler Security While On the Road

Duty of Care obligations are an important aspect of business travel management.  TravelStore enables clients to mitigate the risks that come with an increasingly global marketplace and workforce. We utilize advanced scanning systems that monitor world media, flight schedule data, government web services and other sources for events that can impact your travelers.


SafeToGo effectively provides alerts on travelers' mobile devices.  In addition, those alerts appear on a world map accessible by you and your TravelStore Account Manager, helping travelers avoid risks before they occur. Our travel technology solution provides accurate, actionable, virtually real-time pre-travel information that not only helps our clients manage travel operations, but also enables them to implement effective travel security programs.

When a trip is booked, our system captures the reservation from the GDS, and stores it on our 
own secure data centers so that pre-travel reports remain independent of any GDS accessibility issues. Travel managers or other authorized personnel can then generate reports of traveler locations, flights and reservations, using a web-based application to run standard or customized travel reports. We can report on the entire reservation or any subset of data based on flexible report prompting. Pre-travel reports include:

  • Airline reservation detail and summary
  • Car reservation detail and summary
  • Hotel reservation city and property
  • Passengers on the same flight or on a particular flight
  • Arrival and departure information
  • At-a-glance “hot spot” reports
  • Emergency contact and passport information
  • Traveler map location in both detail and summary forms


TS GoAlert is our standard service that delivers comprehensive, critical destination intelligence that keeps Corporate Travel Managers apprised of up-to-the-minute events affecting travel.  Social unrest, political turmoil, health risks, crime and extreme weather are just a few of the situations that are monitored around the world every minute of every day.  TS GoAlert provides Travel Managers with the information they need to conduct business travel smoothly, safely and confidently. 
TS GoAlert+ is our optional subscription-based service which provides all of the features of TS GoAlert but is enhanced to allow Corporate Travel Managers to filter delivery of security and travel news alerts by destination, urgency level, category, significant travel impact and more.
Both TS GoAlert and TS GoAlert+ offer Corporate Travel Managers 24/7 coverage worldwide, monitoring on-the-ground situations as they occur assuring that you have taken every possible measure to promote the efficiency and security of your travelers’ journeys.  

Emergency Response Plan

We operate one the largest corporate reservation facilities in California. In the event of an emergency, we provide continuous, 24-hour service for all of our travelers. This disaster recovery plan is in place in all of our reservation centers.

We have procedures for notifying our clients about emergency and crisis situations. Our plans are tested and updated quarterly to ensure the best operational support for clients and their traveling employees. Specific disaster-related concerns and our resolution process include:
  •  GDS outages — If a national GDS outage occurs, we can easily transfer bookings to another GDS. For on-site offices, we provide full back-up support through one of our branch offices through call transfer to a pre-established telephone number.
  • MIS outages — TravelStore maintains a detailed disaster recovery plan for our back-office system which transfers information to back-up facilities. This back-up facility sustains the integrity of travel information in the event of serious operational disruption to the back-office system. TravelStore is able to return to full capacity within 24 hours of a central-site outage.
  • Phone outages — TravelStore uses advanced telephone systems that can provide call overflow and inter-flow coverage among our branch offices and on-site locations in times of peak calling activity or emergencies. Nationwide interconnections of TravelStore reservation offices ensure critical calls will not be blocked at any time, providing uninterrupted service. Ongoing analysis of our telephone network also ensures rapid identification of problems and quick recovery of services.
  • Airline disaster assistance — When a flight disaster occurs, the airline freezes reservation records for that flight in the GDS. We immediately use our back-office system to query our database for all ticketed reservations on that flight. Within approximately 30 minutes, we have a complete listing of all TravelStore travelers with reservations for the particular flight. We immediately alert the appropriate TravelStore operations manager, who in turn contacts appropriate management for our clients.
  • Emergency and Incident Response Plan—To more fully prepare our clients for worldwide events, TravelStore publishes and/or sends high-risk security communications and updates to travelers as requested. We routinely notify travelers traveling to high-risk locations of government warnings and security levels.