Automated Quality Control

The ability to enforce your organization's travel policy at the point of sale is one of the most effective ways to cut travel expenses.  At TravelStore, we are committed to 100% accuracy, attention to detail and efficiency. Although our employee-owners are some of the most experienced and well-trained in the business, they are also human, therefore we have a completely automated quality control system in place to compliment our travel consultants' manual checks.  Our systems can be fully customized to the culture, policies and goals of your organization.  The result is a complete quality control solution that ensures any errors or missed opportunities are caught BEFORE your money is wasted.

Fare Checker

Airfares are constantly fluctuating and you want to ensure you are paying the lowest possible fare on each itinerary.  Our fare checker continually monitors the reservation system for current pricing looking for fare increases or decreases on ticketed reservations right up until the day of travel. If a cost saving opportunity that complies with your travel policy is located, it is noted in the reservation and returned to your account manager for re-booking/ticketing.

Routing Checker

Our routing checker audits all reservations for alternative carriers and/or routes that could provide additional cost savings.  There are settings in place that restrict these cost saving opportunities to those which fall within specified parameters such as maximum connection time.  They system searches both domestic and international itineraries while at the same time considering any negotiated rates your organization might have as well as your custom travel policy requirements. Additional savings are found through continual complex routing searches and your account manager is automatically notified. This gives you the peace of mind to know that you're getting the best fare and maximizing cost saving opportunities while freeing up our travel consultants to focus on providing you with exceptional service.

Waitlist Checker

When a traveler's first choice is not available, we will put the traveler on a waitlist.  Our waitlist checker automatically monitors the reservation system looking for cancellations, open waitlists, or the release of inventory by the carrier to fulfill. If the system finds availability, a booking is made instantly to secure the space and your account manager is notified immediately so they can follow up with appropriate action.

Seat Checker

Most travelers have personal seating preferences when they travel.  While we make every attempt to match their preferences at the time of reservation, if their preferred seating is not available, our seat checker works 24/7 accessing live seat maps to secure their preferred seating choice automatically on domestic and international airlines as soon as it becomes available. Seat requests can be made for aisles, windows, priority seating based on frequent flyer membership, the left, right, front or back of the plane, bulkhead and aisles across. This system's advanced logic allows your account manager to connect two travelers on separate reservations for requests of aisles across as well.  Seat checker will continually monitor these requests and take advantage of any opportunity to improve seat asssignments up until the time of departure.

Upgrade Checker

We know how important frequent flyer upgrades are to your regular travelers.  This inventory is very limited and it is essential that space is secured at the moment it becomes available regardless of the time of day or day of the week.  Our upgrade checker automates this process according to your traveler's status in the appropriate frequent flyer program and works around the clock to upgrade travelers to the preferred class of service at the designated time before departure to ensure there are no missed opportunities.

Integrated Quality Control

The accuracy and integrity of each and every reservation is of utmost importance. Travelers want assurance that personal preferences are met and all reservations will be correct when they arrive at their destination.  You want to know that your organizations travel policy is being followed and preferred vendor agreements are being utilized to their full potential.  To this end, we have implemented iQCX from Cornerstone.  This is a comprehensive quality control system that checks each and every reservation against a user-defined profile of more than 150 quality control checks ensuring that you are realizing maximum savings while your travelers enjoy a more hassle-free experience.