iBank Reporting

One of the key components to controlling your organization’s travel costs is the ability to access detailed information and reports on your travel spend as well as having the tools to analyze it effectively.

iBank is...

Our fully customizable and user-friendly reporting solution, which provides consolidated reports to track and manage your organization’s travel spend.

iBank specializes in creating innovative applications that automate many of the most complex and time-intensive aspects of the reservation management and data management processes. They offer an array of services designed to integrate new and existing technology in ways that better address particular reservation and information management needs.

The iBank platform allows you to:

  • Consolidate data from global markets
  • View travel spend
  • Identify trends
  • Monitor policy adherence and improve profitability 


The iBank platform includes the following modules:

  • Spend analysis
  • Supplier management
  • Policy/risk management
  • Activity management
  • Spend management
  • Reconciliation analysis
  • Agency productivity
  • Carbon reporting

iBank Analytics is...

A powerful, point-and-click dashboard that lets you drill down into travel data for quick answers to immediate questions. Data can be refreshed up to every minute and is available 24/7 online via the Internet.
For more information, please contact your TravelStore sales or client services manager.