Travel Insurance: Coverage & Plans

Protect Yourself

Enlightened travelers recognize the need to cover the investment they make in their travel plans by purchasing travel insurance coverage. Headline-grabbing events are less likely to ruin vacation plans than more common problems such as an illness in the family or a host of other unexpected occurrences, like a missed flight connection, lost wallet or passport, or sprained ankle.

Travel insurance  can cover penalties should you have to change or cancel your travel plans, and be your 24/7 lifeline while traveling. More so than ever, travel insurance is a "must have" item for most vacation travelers. Each year we have clients that have a need to process claims. Without travel insurance coverage, they would have spent tens of thousands of dollars on medical and evacuation costs. 

There are a number of travel insurance options, and we highly recommend TravelEx, the industry's leading provider. Plus, your plan provides complimentary Concierge Services to assist with non-emergency items like restaurant referrals and reservations, show tickets, and more.

If you have questions, please call the insurance desk directly at (800) 235-7178 and reference location number 05-0978.