Rearden Travel: A Single Travel Tool Offering a Variety of Services

Travel managers have struggled to balance enforcement of travel policies with the need to provide travel tools employees like to use. With Rearden’s Total Travel Experience, your company can implement and manage your travel programs, enforce policy compliance and drive savings, all while improving employee productivity and convenience.

With a single web-based tool, employees can effortlessly prepare integrated travel itineraries that include a wide variety of services.
  • Flights: With access to multiple GDSs and web fares, employees can book flights from over 500 airlines worldwide, receive flight reminders, updates and alerts by email, phone, text message or fax, conveniently change or cancel flights online and apply unused tickets when booking new flights.
  • Hotels: Search more than 80,000 hotels by location, date, hotel or chain name, and available amenities. Employees can quickly view availability and rates, rich content and photos, and add itinerary information automatically to their calendars.
  • Car Rentals: Instant access to rich content about car options, shuttle services, insurance coverage, fueling options and surcharges. Itinerary information is automatically added to their calendars.
  • Airport Parking: Quickly pre-reserve off-airport parking with the rest of their trip, save up to 50 percent compared with the airport garage, and enjoy luggage assistance and frequent shuttle service between the terminal and their car.
  • Car Service: Rearden allows employees to reserve chauffeured car service online from a nationwide network of dependable providers. They can compare car service options by rate, provider, and vehicle type, automatically update their calendar with details, and notify other passengers.
  • Dining: Evaluate dining options, place reservations with thousands of restaurants online, invite guests from their address books and even have reservation details automatically added to their calendars.
  • Event Tickets: Find and purchase tickets for thousands of sporting, concert or theater events while complying with corporate policies, and even plan a complete client event including dining, car service and entertainment.
  • Package Shipping: Price, label and schedule package shipments from their desktop using company-preferred providers and service options.
  • Audio and Web Conferences: Schedule conference calls and web conferences together or separately, invite participants from their address books and automatically add access information to their calendars.
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